ALLS Laboratory

ALLS/LSF (Advanced Laser Light Source/ Laboratoire de Sources Femtosecondes) is a unique infrastructure of international caliber located at the Varennes campus of INRS-EMT (20 minutes south-east of Montreal), where users can find a variety of intense ultrafast laser sources. This large national laboratory for laser science was financed through the "International Joint Ventures Fund" program of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) with an investment of 20.95M$. With the powerful lasers at the ALLS lab a series of new ultrafast light sources for revolutionary applications has been developed.

Subsequently, this laboratory achieved the development of a large variety of laser light sources reaching from THz (300 micron wavelength) to hard X-rays (Angstrom – 0.1 nm wavelength) providing ultra short pulse durations. Since these light sources are generated in an all-optical way, light pulses of different wavelengths can be spatially and temporally synchronized . This opens the door to explore the potential of dynamic imaging of atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems and provides the unique tools to explore the fundamental questions of physics and chemistry. This leads to important outcome in fundamental science as well as in innovative technological applications and tools. Among them are medical high resolution imaging for mammography and particle acceleration for future proton therapy, micro machining and material processing, as well as applications for security and defense, telecommunication and information.

Accessing ALLS

ALLS is an open research infrastructure accessible by the scientific and industrial community.

The process to submit a letter of intent is described here.