> Mask aligner EVG620

Manufaturer : EVG


Role of the equipment

   The mask aligner EVG620 is a multifunctional platform that allows simple or double-side lithography of multiple mask/wafer combinaison.
   This tool is also able to do nano-imprint lithography.


Technical specifications

• Tool fully programmable using receipes
• Source: 1000 W mercury lamp
• Optics: medium UV(350 nm – 450 nm) dielectric mirror with removable i-line filter (365nm)
• Possibility to select wavelength using pass-band filter
• Substrates: from small pieces to 150 mm wafers
• Exposition modes: proximity, contact or vacuum
• Alignment: top or down programmable CCD camera
• Alignment precision (overlay): 0.5 µm with 20 X
• Resolution :
- Proximity of 10 µm : 3µm
- Contact: 1.5 µm
- Hard contact: 1.0 µm
- Vacuum: 0.6 µm



• 100 mm substrat holder for nano-imprint


Examples of available processes and services

• Thin (0.1 µm) or thick (45 µm and more) resist lithography, positive or negative tone.
• « Mix-and-match » lithography with ebeam lithography
• Resit UV nano-imprint
• Resist cleaning by « flood exposure »


Academic | Private sector Rate :
42 $/h | 125 $/h



Patterns obtained with a positive photoresist (AZ9245) on the EVG620 mask aligner with alignement on the lower level (Gold electrodes)


0.7um width line of negative photoresist(nLOF2020) 1.6um trench into a positive photoresist (SPR220-7)



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