> E-beam evaporator AXXIS

Manufacturer : Kurt J. Lesker


Role of the equipment

   The K. J. Lesker AXXIS evaporator is a versatile thin film deposition toool. Its horizontal chamber maintain the sample at a central position which allow rotating and/or angle deposition. Moreover, the sample can be rotated face up to achieve sputtering deposition, toward the chamber side to use a ion beam or face down for evapostion.


Technical specifications

• Source 1: Electron beam with 4 crucibles with automatic selection.
• Source 2: Sputter deposition with 75 mm target and AC source
• Source 3: Ion source used to assist deposition or for pre-cleaning.
• Sample holder: pieces from 5 mm up to 150 mm wafers. Rotation from 0 to180 degrees.
• In-situ control of the film thickness
• PC controlled and programmable receipes



• Water cooled sample holder.
• Many materials available: Au, Al, Ti, Cu, Cr, Pt, Pd, SiO2, etc..


Examples of available processes and services

• Multi-layer deposition of metals for microwave circuits with ion beam pre-cleaning
• Dielectric mirror coating (IAD, ion assisted deposition)
• Reactive sputtering of metal oxydes
• Nanostructures growing using Glancing Angle Deposition
• Chromium on quartz deposition for photomasks

Academic | Private sector Rate :
67 $/h | 145 $/h


Contact: LMN