> Sputtering system CMS-18

Manufacturer : Kurt J. Lesker


Role of the equipment

   The K.J. Lesker sputtering system CMS-18 allows co-déposition of multi-layers on various substrates.


Technical specifications

• Source 1 and 2: 75 mm target with AC source
• Source 3: 75 mm target with DC source
• Sample holder:
- from pieces up to 150 mm wafers
- Rotation up to 20 rpm
- RF or DC Polarization
• Rapid loading (loadlock)
• Gas ring for reactive sputtering
• PC controlled and programmable receipes



• Sample holder heating up to 850ºC
• Source 4: cathode with strong magnets for magnetic materials
• Electric arcs elimination device for pulsed DC sputtering
• In-situ thickness measurement
• Various targets available: Au, Pt, Cr, Cu, ITO,Al, etc


Examples of available processes and services

• Thin film deposition for dielectric mirrors
• Microwave circuit fabrication

Academic | Private sector Rate :
67 $/h | 145 $/h




Contact: LMN