> Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

Manufacturer : INRS


Role of the equipment

   The pulsed laser deposition system consist of a laser focused on a target that is placed inside a vacuum chamber. It allows the deposition of a large number of materials like metals, ceramics and oxydes with an independant control on the deposition temperature and the background pressure (wich can be oxygen, helium, nitrogen, etc...). On most cases, the resulting thin film has the same stoechiometry as the target used.


Technical specifications

• Laser source 1: PulseMaster 848 from GSI Lumonics (100Hz).
• Laser source 2: PulseMaster 846 from GSI Lumonics (50 Hz).
• Vaccum chamber allowing deposition between 10-5 torr and 100 torrs.
• Minimum target-substrate distance of 4 cm, ajustable up to 8 cm for a better uniformity.



• Possibility to use a background pressure (of O2, Ar, H2, He or N2).
• Rotating sample holder that can be heated up to 600°C.
• Fixed sample holder that can be heated up to 850°C.
• Rotating system allowing to use up to 4 different target for multilayer deposition.
• Cross-beam system using two targets at the same time allowing the deposition of mixed layers.


Examples of available processes and services

• Deposition of ferroelectric (BST, PZT, PLZT, CBN, …)
• Deposition of Au and Pt nanoparticules and carbon nanotubes
• Synthesis of mixed metal layers Pt-Ru, Pt-Au
• Synthesis of metal oxydes (RuO2, BiFeO3, SrRuO3, SnO2, …)




Plume Ablation

Ablation plume during reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition


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