> Pulsed Laser Deposition System PVD 3000

Manufacturer : PVD


Role of the equipment

   The PVD3000 system is a fully automated pulsed laser deposition system. It allows the deposition of a large number of materials like metals and complex oxydes with an independant control on the deposition temperature and the background pressure (wich can be oxygen, helium, nitrogen, etc...). Compared to conventional PLD systems, the PVD3000 offers a programmable scan rastering of the target and a tight control on the substrate temperature allowing the deposition of thin films on large surfaces (up to 3" or 75mm in diameter).


Technical specifications

• Laser Source: PulseMaster 866 from Light Machinery (500mJ, max. 100Hz)
• Vaccum chamber allowing deposition between 10-8 torr et 500 mtorr.
• Available Gas: O2, Ar, He and N2
• Adjustable substrate-target distance between 65 mm and 130 mm
• Substrate temperature rane: from room temperature to 950°C (controlled by halogen lamps)
• Automated and programmable raster scan in order to obtain thickness homogeneity on large surfaces (up to 3")
• Various substrate holders available: square sizes of 1cm ang 1", circular shapes of 1", 2" and 3" in diameter  



• Graphical interface with automated control of the tool and the possibility to save processes as recipes
• Load-lock that allows rapid loading of the samples
• Rotating system allowing to use up to 3 different targets for multilayer deposition


Examples of available processes and services

• Deposition of epitaxial ferroelectrics (BST, CBN …)
• Deposition of complex oxydes(YBa2Cu3O7 …)
• Deposition of Au and Pt nanoparticules
• Synthesis of metal oxydes(RuO2, BiFeO3, SrRuO3, SnO2, VO2…)




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