> Fluorine ICP Etcher

Manufacturer : Oxford Instruments


Role of the equipment

   The Plasmalab system 100 is a high density plasma etcher configured for the etching of SiO2, SiN, Poly Si, shallow Si and related materials used in the fabrication of micro and nanoscale devices.


Technical specifications

• ICP 380 mm high density plasma source (2MHz, 5kW generator)
• 240 mm lower electrode with automatch unit (13.56MHz, 600 W)
• Variable height cooled/heated electrode (-150° C to 400° C)
• Wafer clamping and He backside cooling
• Sample holder: from pieces up to 200 mm wafers - 5'' plates
• Typical process pressure: 1 - 100 mtorr
• PC controlled and programmable recipes



• Available gas : SF6, C4F8, CF4, O2, H2, N2, He, Ar
• Rapid loading (loadlock)
• Laser interferometry system for end point detection
• Chamber cleaning done through an integrated recipe


Examples of available processes and services

• Anisotropic etching of SiO2 for the fabrication of nanoimprint templates
• Anisotropic etching of SiN for the fabrication of optical waveguides

Academic | Private sector Rate :
95 $/h | 220 $/h




Nanometric-anisotropic etching of SiO2 (30nm lines and spaces grating) for Nanoimprint applications



Anisotropic etching of Quartz (80um deep trenches on both sides of a 200um thick wafer) for MEMS applications


Contact: LMN