> Asher Gasonics Aura 1000

Manufacturer : Gasonics


Role of the equipment

   The Gasonic Aura 1000 is an « afterglow » type plasma chamber where reactive oxygen ions are generated to remove polymers or organic contaminants.


Technical specifications

• Downstream type tool that avoid sample dammages due to ionic bombardment
• Substrates: from small pieces 125 mm square photomasks
• Room temperature process or heated by quartz lamps up to 300ºC
• Up to 16 programmable receipes



• Cassette to cassette robot (100 mm)


Examples of available processes and services

• Photoresist removal / descum process
• Cleaning of substrates contaminated by organic contaminants
• Thin film oxydation

Academic | Private sector Rate :
42 $/h | 125 $/h


Contact: LMN