> Ion implanter IMC-200

Manufacturer : Ion Beam Services


Role of the equipment

   The ion implanter is used to introduce small quantities of ions in a chosen matrix of material. These ions are used to induce electrical, mechanical and/or magnetical changes on the physical properties of the target material.


Technical specifications

• Modified Varian CF3000 implanter
• Energy: 1 keV to200 keV (400 keV for double charge)
• Medium current (up to 1 mA depending on species)
• Source: gas, solids, liquids (Bernas or Freeman)
• Sample holder:
- Sample size: 5mm to 150 mm
- Angle: 0 to 60 degrees (100 mm maximum size)
- Temperature: -150 to 500ºC (100 mm maximum size)



• Cassette to cassette system for 100 mm wafers
• Flood gun to neutralise charges


Examples of available processes and services

• Transistor source and drain implantation
• Implantation of silicon to produce nano crystals
• Anti-steam treatment
• Prothesis implantation for biocompatibility
• Modification of ferroelectrics

Academic | Private sector Rate :
95 $/h | 220 $/h



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