> Furnace Tystar Tytan

Manufacturier : Tystar


Role of the equipment

   The Tytan furnace is used for various thermal treatments like diffusion, dry and wet oxydation and also deposition of nitride and polysilicon thin films.


Technical specifications

• Tube 3: LPCVD with SiH4, SiH2Cl2 or NH3
• Tube 1: atmospheric tube with N2, O2, H2 and liquid source from Trans-LC
• Substrates: from small pieces up to 150 mm wafers
• Automatic substrate loading
• Programmable receipes
• Temperature controlled at +/- 1ºC on three zones (88 cm total length)
• Temperature : from 250ºC to 1275ºC
• Uniformity: better than 5% over 150 mm (1 sigma) for all processes



• Internal torche for wet oxydation


Examples of available processes and services

• Nitride deposition for membrane
• Thermal diffusion of doped samples
• Wet or dry oxyde growing
• Low temperature oxyde growing (450ºC)

Academic | Private sector Rate :
67 $/h | 145 $/h



Contact: LMN