> X-Rays Diffractometer (XRD Bruker)

Model : Bruker D8 Advance


Role of the equipment

   Cristalline structure analysis in grazing incidence and in Bragg-Brentano incidence for polycristallin samples. In-situ measurements under controled atmosphere, pressure and temperature.


Technical specifications

• CuKα X-Rays source, λ = 1.542 Å
• Parallel beam (Göbel miror) and divergent beam (“powder” mode)
• θ/2θ configuration (fixed source)
• Detector : scintillator



• Anton Paar XRK900 owen for controlled temperature (Tambiant à 900ºC), pressure (1 mbar à 10 bars) et atmosphere in-situ measurements
• Two dimension detector (GADDS)
• In-situ electrochemical cell
• JCPDS PDF2 (ICDD) Database


Examples of available processes and services

• Bragg-Brentano measurements for powders and grazing incidence measurements for thin layer.
• Cristallin phasis identification
• Cristallite size calculation




Contact : Julie Gaudet