> Enviroscope - Scanning Probe Microscope (AFM)

Manufacturer: Veeco (Digital Instruments)


Role of the equipment

   A Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is an apparatus able to detect the true three-dimensional topography of a given surface with nanometer resolution laterally and Angstrom resolution vertically.
   The Enviroscope is specially designed to perform measurements in a controlled environment (vacuum or inert gas atmosphere). It is also equipped with additional modules to perform current-sensing and electromechanical measurements at the nanometer scale.


Technical specifications

• Maximum sample size:
- lateral: 50 mm, height: 12 mm;
- measurement location within an area 6×6 mm² around the center.
• Measurement pressure: 10-5 to 1400 mbar
• ~ 0.1 nm rms noise level (in Z) with turbo pump ON.
• Maximum scanning size: X and Y: 90 µm, Z: 4 µm
• Imaging modes: contact (deflection feedback), intermitent contact (Tapping).
• Additional signals available during imaging: friction (in contact mode), phase (in tapping mode).
• Advanced techniques, Lift mode with PLL to track the frequency shif: Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Kelvin Probe Microscopy (KPM).



• Current measurement kit: preamplifier (Femto DLPCA-200) and DC bias source, (Keithley 2400 SourceMeter).
Noise in current achieved: < 0.5 pA.
• Electromechanical characterization kit: Lock-in amplifier (Signal Recovery 7265), DC bias source (Keithley 2400).
Noise in piezoresponse achieved: < 0.1 pm/V


Examples of available processes and services

• Routine characterization of surface topography.
• Material contrast through adhesion/friction or phase of oscillation.
• Detection of piezoelectricity and elasticity of materials.
• Detection and control of polarization via piezoelectric response in ferroelectrics.
• Mapping surface resistance, electric and/or magnetic field gradients at the surface, and surface potential.




BiFeO3. microstructures. The contrast reveals the piezoresponse / polarization.
(C. Harnagea / C. Cojocaru )


Contact : Catalin Harnagea