> Variable Temperature UHV STM / AFM Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)

Manufacturer: Omicron Nanotechnology


Role of the equipment

   A Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is an apparatus able to detect the true three-dimensional topography of a given surface with nanometer resolution laterally and Angstrom resolution vertically.
Designed to measure under ultrahigh vacuum imaging with atomic resolution is routinely performed both as a Scanning Tunneling Microscope and as an Atomic Force Microscope. Surface cleaning can be performed by heating the sample in-situ either directly or indirectly and/or by ion sputtering.
   This instrument has the unique feature to be able to measure at temperature ranging from 25 K up to 1500 K.


Technical specifications

• Maximum sample size: lateral: 9×5 mm² or 7 mm diameter; height: 2 mm;
• Measurement pressure: < 3×10-11 mbar.
• Measurement temperature: 25 – 1500 K.
• Maximum scanning size: X and Y: 12 µm, Z: 1.5 µm.
• Imaging modes: STM (current feedback), true non contact (frequency feedback, quartz resonator with PLL loop detection system).



• LEED-Auger electron spectrometer
• VACSCAN MKS mass spectrometer
• ISE 10 sputter ion source (Argon, Hydrogen, Oxygen)
• Leak system for introducing gases in the chamber, for studying the deposition/growth of molecules on a substrate of choice.


Examples of available processes and services

• Study of the chemical processes at the surface, deposition and kinetics
• Study of metals, semiconductors and superconductors with atomic resolution
• Study of phase transitions
• Molecular interaction, self-assembly and self-organization
• Surface-induced polymerization





DIEDOT on Cu(110)
(Dr. J. Lipton-Duffin)


Contact : Catalin Harnagea