> Scanning Electron Microscope (Clean room SEM)

Model : Jeol JSM7401F


Role of the equipment

   The JSM7401F is a scanning electron microscope able to image surface with a resolution close to a nanometer. Its X-ray detector also allwos elementary surface annalysis.


Technical specifications

• Acceleration: 0.1 keV to 30 keV
• In-lens and lower detector
• Sample holder: 1 mm to 150 mm
• Imaging area: 110 mm x 80 mm
• Sample polarisation for ultra-high resolution at 0.1 keV
• Secondary and backscattered electron filter allowing image composition that enhance the surface morphology.



• 5 axis Motorized sample holder
• Oil free pumping system
• Cryogenic trap
• Rapid pumping (airlock)
• Small sputter (Pelletier cooled Emitech K575X) to coat dielectric samples with Pt, Pt/Ru or Au.


Examples of available processes and services

• Characterization of ebeam lithography writing, measurement and characterization of nanostructures
• Surface characterization by EDS


Academic | Private sector Rate :
70 $/h | 145 $/h



Observation of Gold nanoparticules by High resolution Scanning Electron Microscope JSM7401F


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