> Optical pulse shaping and characterization

Manufacturer : INRS


Role of the equipment

   Characterize an ultrashort optical pulse and measure a periodic high frequency electrical/optical signal


Technical specifications

• Sampling Oscilloscope CSA8000,Tektronix Inc
• Arbitrary waveform Generator AWG710B, Tektronix Inc
• Programmable signal Generator E8257D, Agilent Inc
• Fiber-coupled Autocorrelator FR-103XL, Femtochrome Inc.
• Passive mode-lock fiber laser FFL, Pritel Inc.



• Fiber amplifier
• Fiber compressor
• Laser Ando-AQ4320A (1480-1580nm)
• Spectrum analyser Ando-AQ631


Examples of available processes and services

Examples of available processes and services

• Nonlinear optics experiment
• Pulse shaping
• Fiber optic communication




Contact: Heide Ibrahim