> Ellipsometer VVASE

Manufacturer : J.A. Woollam


Role of the equipment

   The V-VASE ellipsometer from Woollam is high precision tool for the analysis of thin films deposited on opaque or transparent substrates.


Technical specifications

• Wavelength: from 240 nm to2500 nm (0.05 nm resolution)
• Mesurements in reflection or transmission
• Micrometric substrate holder able to cover a 45 mm x 45 mm surface on 150 mm wafers (maximum size)



• Ellipsometric analysis as a function of temperature: from 20ºC to 300ºC
• Auto-timer for depolarization measurement
• Focusing probes for 100 µm probe size


Examples of available processes and services

• Thickness measurement of anisotropic thin films
• Dielectric lens optical transmission measurement

Academic | Private sector Rate :
42 $/h | 125 $/h



Contact: LMN