> Dicing Saw DAD3350

Manufacturer : Disco


Role of the equipment

   The DAD350 is a high precision dicing saw used to cut a wide variety of material either ultra-thin or few millimeters thick.


Technical specifications

• XY stage with 260 mm cutting range (max. 8’’ diameter 250 mm square)
• Cutting speed up to 600 mm/s
• Theta speed of 180 degree/s and Y speed of 200 mm/s
• Cutting Angle : up to 380 degrees
• Auto alignment, auto focus and auto kerf check
• Y-axis Position accuracy : 3um or less, index step : 0.1um
• Z-axis repeatability accuracy : 1um, resolution : 0.05um



• Dual-magnification microscope
• Porous or vacuum chuck table
• Hundreds of blades available through order
• Graphical User Interface operated via an LCD touch-screen
• Programmable recipes


Examples of available processes and services

• Cutting of square samples from Silicon wafers
• Dicing of devices using global and die-by-die alignment marks

Academic | Private sector Rate :
35 $/h | 105 $/h