> Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) XE-150

Manufacturer : Park Systems


Role of the equipment

   The XE-150 AFM is mainly used as a non-destructive metrology tool for our nanostructured samples as well as to characterize surface roughness of thin films synthesized with our various equipments.


Technical specifications

• XY scanner with closed-loop feedback control
• XY scan range: 100 x 100 µm2 – Z scanner range: 12 µm
• XY scanner resolution: < 1.5 nm (closed-loop), <0.01 nm (open-loop)
• Z scanner noise level: 0.05 nm (maximum)
• Motorized XY stage travels up to 225 × 150 mm with 0.5 µm resolution
• Sample size: up to 150 mm – Sample thickness: up to 25 mm - Sample weight: max 1Kg
• Programmable step and scan process



• High Resolution 5 MPx Digital CCD Camera with maximum 1680 x 1260 µm FOV
• Active anti-vibration table and enhanced acoustic enclosure
• Image processing and analysis software
• Super-Sharp tips for metrology on high aspect ratio nanostructures


Examples of available processes and services

• True Non-Contact, dynamic contact, and contact AFM
• Metrology for sub-µm etch depth and lithography
• Thin film roughness measurements

Academic | Private sector Rate :
70 $/h | 145 $/h



3D AFM images of the etched silicon lines (50nm line, 100nm pitch, 120nm deep)


Contact: LMN