> Wet Benches

Manufacturers : Reynolds Tech, Fineline


Role of the equipment

   The wet benches are used for every processes involving chemical products such as sample cleaning, ebeam resist development, wet etching or lift-off processes used for the fabrication of electrodes.


Technical specifications

• 3 different benches: one Reynolds Tech (stainless steel) for solvants, two Fineline (plastic) for acids and bases
• Bath with heating elements, ultrasounds and filling/evacuation and a neutralization system
• Bath control through a touch-screen for the Reynolds Tech
• DI water and Nitrogen guns on every bench



• Cooled bath (down to 0°C) for cold development of ebeam resists
• Temperature probes for the bath control
• Chemical products stored in independent safety cabinets (solvants, TMAH based developers, Acides, Bases)
• Spin Rinse Dryer machine for 4in wafers
• Electroplating setup (Nickel, Copper)


Examples of available processes and services

• Sample cleaning (Piranha, RCA1 and RCA2 processes)
• Etching of Silicon native oxyde (BOE, HF)
• Lift-Off process for the fabrication of electrodes obtained by evaporation

Academic | Private sector Rate :
25 $/h | 72 $/h



Contact: LMN