> Spin-Coater Brewer CEE100

Manufacturer : Brewer


Role of the equipment

   The Brewer CEE100 is a programmable spin-coater platform for the deposition thin films like photoresist and ebeam resists, particulary for the use of thick resists and spinning of photomask plates.


Technical specifications

• Automated with programmable recipes (ramp, spinning speed, acceleration, deceleration)
• Either manual or automated photoresist deposition
• Substrates: from small pieces up to 150 mm wafers / 6in plates
• Spin speed: 0 to 6000 rpm +/- 1 rpm
• Acceleration: up to 50 krpm/s



• Photomasks adaptator, 8in and 6in wafers


Examples of available processes and services

• Photoresist and ebeam resists spin coating
• Spin-coating of SU8, LOR resists

Academic | Private sector Rate :
25 $/h | 72 $/h



Contact: LMN