> Prism Coupler 2010

Manufacturer : Metricon


Role of the equipment

   The metricon 2010 is a plateform for the measurement of thin film optical properties.


Technical specifications

• Optical index measurement with high accuracy (±0.001 for the index, ±0.5% for the thickness)
• Resolution of ±0.0003 for the index, ±0.3% for the thickness
• Available wavelength: 632nm, 980nm, 1310nm and 1550nm
• Accessible optical index/thickness ranges: n=1.7 to 2.45, n<2.1 (optimal 1.4 to 2.1) / th.>300 to 700nm and up to 15um
• Sample size: from 1cm x 1cm to 8in square
• TE and/or TM measurement, 1 to 2 min per scan
• Automatic or manual data treatment, data and scan save/export



• Measurement as a function of temperature (25 to 150°C)
• Coated prism for measuring samples under electrical bias


Examples of available processes and services

• Measurement of the electro-optic properties of a thin-film material
• Measurement of small optical index change after thermal annealing

Academic | Private sector Rate :
42 $/h | 125 $/h



Contact: LMN