> X-Ray and Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscope (XPS/HAXPES)

Model : PHI Quantes


Role of the equipment

   Chemical analysis of the surface and in deep (qualitative and quantitative) by combining a high energy (HAXPS)
   monochromatic X-ray source (Chromium Kα) with a conventional (XPS) monochromatic soft X-ray source (Aluminum Kα).
   Allow the study of the chemical bond and the electronic structure of the matter.


Technical specifications

• Al (hν = 1486.6eV) and Cr (hν = 5414.8eV) monochromatic X-Ray sources with an ultimate energy resolution
   of 0.5eV and 0.8eV respectively. 
• Micrometric XPS analysis with an ultimate spatial resolution ≥8µm (Al source) and ≥ 15µm (Cr source).
• X-ray induced secondary electron imaging (SXI).
• Charging effect compensation for insulator.
• Monoatomic (Ar+) and gas cluster ion beam (GCIB).
• Heating and cooling platen (+250 °C / -150 °C).



• Auxilary chamber to connect inert gas chamber and electrochemical cell.
• Fast entry air lock.


Examples of available processes and services

• Analysis of buried layers and interfaces deeper than traditional XPS.
• Angle resolved measurements (ARXPS).
• Depth profiling of the species.





Contact : Christophe Chabanier