LMN Services

   Every tools of the LMN are open to the scientific community wether it is for academic research project or being part of contract with the private sector. It is possible to ask to the LMN staff jobs that require different processes or different steps, a quotation will be send upon request.


Nano World

World map with a scale of 1/1000000000000 (one trillonth) realized by e-beam lithography


Other available services :

  - The training on the different tools by the laboratory staff (a WHMIS certificate with a laser or clean room security training is required first, as described on the access page).

 - The online reservation tool (only accessible to onsite and tained users).

  - For e-beam job request, please send an email to lmn@emt.inrs.ca with a description of your project.

   In all cases the following fees will be applied for the use of clean room tools.

   For the tools outside the clean room (XRD, XPS, AFM, STM), please see the following fees.


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