About the INF

       Founded by the INRS at Varennes, the Infrastructure of Nanostructures and Femtoscience (INF) represents an investment of more than 60 M $ coming mainly from 3 major grants received since 2002 by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Québec government. It regroups two complementary installations that are unique in Canada.

The first one is the LMN (Laboratory of Micro- and Nanofabrication) which allow to reach and exploit the infinitely small, and answer the needs of many high technology sector in terms of, on one hand, nanomaterials synthesis and, on the other hand, nanostructures fabrication for the development of devices prototypes. The second one is the ALLS (Advanced Laser Light Source) which aim is to explore the physico-chimical processes of matter at the molecular scale using femto- and attoseconde light sources, and offer innovation capabilities in the domain of ultrafast instrumentation and biomedical imagery. The infrastructure is part of the Infrastructure for Research and Development of Quebec (IRDQ).


Director: Pr. F. Légaré

Laboratoire de Sources Femtosecondes (ALLS)

Director: Pr. M. Chaker

Laboratoire de Micro et Nanofabrication (LMN)


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